1 2014-07-01

Airside at JIB – Djibouti

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Back in 2006 I was in Djibouti on a photo assignment and in between flights to film I had the chance to shoot some of [...]

22 2006-12-22

Heading back north

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As soon as all passengers and luggage were on board we started the start up procedure again. Squeeze into the tight cockpit and find my spot to stand until we reach the runway and I get to sit down and prepare my cameras for take off. […]

10 2006-12-10

No more runway!

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It was fantastic to see 2 operational passenger IL-18’s at the same time in 2006. Both in active service. Both of these 2 IL-18’s are operated by the same airline. Mainly used for flights from Djibouti to various destinations inside Somalia. […]

8 2006-12-08

4 Props in Africa

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As I walked down the stairs of the 737-200 I glanced over my shoulder to find my next flight. She was parked at the other end of the apron with doors open to allow some wind to blow through her. […]