25 2006-12-25

Ethiopia Cancelled

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As we landed back in Djibouti with the AN-24, I was done for the day. Tomorrow I was planned for another day in the AN-24, going to Ethiopia. As I went inside and started the immigration procedure again I met up with the station manager who informed me that tomorrow’s flights were cancelled. Aircraft had to undergo some maintenance, so they cancelled that day’s flying. […]

16 2006-10-16

737-200 with GPS

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After 2 hours of sleep my alarm went off. I got up and dressed and were shortly on my way to the airport again. The temperature was still high as I walked towards the terminal at 1 am. Passed the doors to the invitingly cool air conditioned terminal. Met up with the station manager and the senior Cabin Staff at the check-in counter. After checking me in we continued through the system again with security, passport etc. […]

27 2006-09-27

Hot day in Dubai

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While I was waiting for the CEO of the airline to call me I realised I had the departues right outside my hotel window here in Dubai. I was told not to go spotting here due to the security, but now that I had it right outside my window there was no stopping me… […]

26 2006-09-26

First hop on Cityhopper

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The day before my flight I logged on to http://www.klm.com/ and did my check-in online. Smooth, no queues and I got to select my seat in the comfort of my home. I love that feature. It’s a pleasure to scroll back and forth in the cabinlayout searching for the best still available seat. […]