28 2010-05-28

Flight Deck Action

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I have been extremely busy the past months with my new project. My company, Viking Aviation Photo,  will now produce cockpit DVD's from the planning [...]

10 2007-01-10

Air2Air shoot with a B777 – Ruined

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A couple of years ago I was down in Réunion, a small island outside the coast of Africa, on an assignment working with Air Austral. It was a lovely sunny, warm and nice island and a great company to work with. Easy going pilots and management, just like it should be. After a couple of days it was planned to do an Air2Air shoot of their Boeing 777. […]

27 2006-09-27

Hot day in Dubai

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While I was waiting for the CEO of the airline to call me I realised I had the departues right outside my hotel window here in Dubai. I was told not to go spotting here due to the security, but now that I had it right outside my window there was no stopping me… […]