24 2011-07-24

Nationwide remembered

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Back in 2002 I was fortunate to do a photo shoot with Nationwide in South Africa. I got to fly all of their different aircraft types in their fleet to many great destinations. What triggered me most was the flights I did on the Bac 1-11. […]

27 2006-09-27

Hot day in Dubai

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While I was waiting for the CEO of the airline to call me I realised I had the departues right outside my hotel window here in Dubai. I was told not to go spotting here due to the security, but now that I had it right outside my window there was no stopping me… […]

11 2006-06-11

Quick Stop: KRT – Khartoum, Sudan

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 Khartoum, Sudan 2003-01-26 We arrived on short final for runway 36 at KRT on a sunny January day. Todays flight was QR520 and we had [...]