Surprise on the approach!

//Surprise on the approach!

Surprise on the approach!

We’ve had a few days of really dense fog here. A lot of flights have been divirting or returning back to where they came from. So, we’re talking about really dense fog. Yesterday a lot of aircraft went to holding and waited. One of them was Iran Air flight #767.

After some time they decided to leave. Unfortunately I don’t know where they went, just that they climbed and left.

Today when I woke up it was a beautiful day!

The fog was gone and it was sunny with a crystal clear blue sky. Perfect! Just gorgeous. A quick breakfast for my daughter Tiffany and then we were off in the car.
I brought mine as I didn’t want to loose precious light. Wintertime we only have a few hours of good light, so time is important.

When I arrived at GOT, Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, I turned the scanner on and guess who’s there ? Iran Air descending to FL100 and approaching GOT ! Perfect!

A really nice bonus. As always I was hoping for the B747SP EP-IAD but as a Scandinavian MD80 was taxying for holding he was told to hold short and line up after landing airbus
So much for my wanted B747SP. Anyway, Iran Air #767 was shortly cleared to land on runway 21 and it didn’t take long before it showed up on final.
I took this shot of her:

Iran Air A300 EP-IBD

As usual it was a very slow day at GOT. Not much traffic coming here, and the photospots are… Not few, they’re almost non-existing!
That plus they switched to runway 03 shortly after the Iran Air landing…

One departure was the Welcome Air Do328 OE-LIR

Welcome Air Do328 OE-LIR

Oh well, didn’t stay long. Need to buy a higher ladder for my next visit. They have extended the fences a bit so my ladder is now too low… Sucks big time!
No, now I have to find out which day the BRA B767 is coming.
It used to be Thursdays, but last thursday I wanted to go up, but it wasn’t listed.

Somebody said it now comes in on Tuesdays, but today it wasn’t listed and it sure didn’t show up.
So, what’s going on? When’s it scheduled to arrive ??

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