Quick stop at GSE

//Quick stop at GSE

Quick stop at GSE

Another nice winter’s day here. Sun breaking through the thin clouds now and then, -5 degrees C and lots of snow on the ground.
Just like it should be in winter time.

I took a chance and drove out to the airport just to arrive after the Stansted flight with Ryanair. Missed the landing, again! I have stopped counting now, it’s getting rediculous.
Here it is parked and waiting for the ground crew to clear the snow so the passengers can disembark the aircraft.

Ryanair B737 EI-DHF

Stansted is a popular route from Gothenburg so it usually takes a good load of passengers.
Here the Captain looks for the coming passengers.

Captain looks out

We had a northerly wind today so it would use runway 01 for takeoff. That’s the one I prefer. I drove off and positioned myself again for the takeoff.
Unfortunately the sun never broke through, so I stayed in my car and shot these as it took off.

Ryanair B737 Takeoff

Take off runway 01

After the takeoff and drove home again so Tiffany could have lunch and her rest. That’s all the spotting for today.

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