OSL in September

//OSL in September

OSL in September

I drove up to Oslo in Norway to do a photoshoot with a rockband earlier this year. Naturally I stopped by the airport for a while before returning home.
OSL has some good spots and I decided to explore them.

This spot is stunning if they are using runway 19R for landings and it”s sunny. While I was there it was cloudy and they used 01L for takeoffs and 01R for the landings.

Spot by runway 01L/19R


LN-KKS | B737-33A | Norwegian - Unicef LiveryLN-KKS | B737-33A | Norwegian - taking off from runway 01L


One of many SAS B737''s that took off


I drove off after a while to try the other runway.

Line of aircraft at OSL


LN-RRL | B737 | SAS - Star Alliance livery with additional 10 Years 1997-2007 sticker


TS-INC | A320 | Nouvelair - just vacating runway 01R


I would never have guessed that they would be gone before the end of the year...


LN-KKY | B737-33A | Norwegian - Acta Livery

Decided to try departures again for a while…

LN-KKY | B737-33A | Norwegian - Acta Livery

Just as the Acta B737 took off again.

The weather became worse and worse so I decided to shoot the last departures lined up and leave..

SAS | B737


TF-FIU | B757 | Icelandair

I didn’t get much useful on this trip, but I got to check the various spots available for us spotters.
Valuable information for me next time I decide to go up, next time in sunny weather!

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