As soon as all passengers and luggage were on board we started the start up procedure again. Squeeze into the tight cockpit and find my spot to stand until we reach the runway and I get to sit down and prepare my cameras for take off.

The runway was busy as we taxied for take off, but they all kept to the side and didn’t interfere with our take off…

View of the active runway

Our take off was normal and we shortly was on our way north, heading back home to Djibouti via Hargeisa. As all flights were full to the last seat it was hard for me to get good wing / engine shots. But as it was getting less and less time left before we were back to home base I had to do something.

I simply looked out the window with the best view and least dirt on it and asked for the passengers seated in that row to move so I could have my shots.
They were kind enough to stretch their legs for a minute while I tried my best to capture the props outside. This is how it turned out.

Beautiful view of spinning props

A short stop in Hargeisa to drop and pick up new passengers while the crew got a chance to cool down in the fresh air. I took the time to enjoy the rare view of 2 IL-18’s.

Lovely View

After a short 40 minute flight this adventure was over for today.

We were now back in Djibouti and my day was soon over. I left the aircraft and went for the terminal to find my luggage which had been taken care of since my arrival this morning.

After 15 hours of flying and working I was now looking forward to reaching my hotel and getting a cold shower and some sleep.

Unfortunately the custom procedure took a while and I was lucky to have the airlines representative there to help me out as it would have taken forever otherwise.
I found my luggage and joined the crewbus to the hotel, located in the centre of Djibouti city.

Now all I wanted was some airconditioning and my shower!!