Great day at GOT

//Great day at GOT

Great day at GOT

Today was the last day of operations for BRA B767 into GOT.

So, it was a must for me to drive up and shoot it. It has been flying here for 6 months now and I still haven’t seen it.
So, today I decided to go. I had hoped for sun, but instead it was gray and cloudy. I even considered giving up and driving back home twice on my way up.

It looked so hopeless.
I’m SO glad I continued up. First thing that meets me when I turn into the spot at rwy 21 is this tail:

United Arabian Airlines DC-8-62 ST-UAA

Definitely NOT a regular visitor. A great surprise!
There’s still 10 minutes to the ETA of the BRA 767 so I put my ladder up and try to get a view of the new visitor.

It was way too close for me as I only had brought my 100-400 lens today. But badly combining 2 shots gave me this desperate try…

United Arabian Airlines DC-8-62 ST-UAA

Apparently it has been parked here for 2 days, and it’s scheduled to depart tonight at 19.00. It will be dark by then so this is most likely the best shot I could get of it.


The low ceiling didn’t give me much chance to shoot the departures. OY-KHN dives into the clouds here.

The BRA 767 had already arrived and it was parked on stand 20 in the distance. That gave me some time to relax and feed my little daughter who was with me.

We played a little when I heard Emirates on the radio. Descending to 5000 feet and receiving vectors for runway 03.

Ah, perfect! It came out of the low clouds and touched down. Took these shots as it taxied to it’s stand.

Atlas B747 N493MC

Unfortunately it wasn’t in the Emirates livery this time but an Atlas Air aircraft. Well, good enough for me. A 747 is always a 747.

Atlas Air B747 N493MC

Now it was time for the BRA to depart and it called for clearance to LIS – Lisbon Portugal.
I moved and positioned myself for the shot as it would taxy to runway 03 and line up.


Sometimes life is just lovely! This is of of those moments. A sunny spell breaks through just as the 767 starts to taxy and I’m lucky to get these shots of her.


Lovely! I don’t know how many times it’s been the other way around. Sunny and a small cloud just as you’re going to take your shot. I really enjoyed cashing in on my luck this time!
She lined up and powered on for takeoff. She rotated with lovely condensation but that wasn’t in the slot where it’s possible to get a shot, so I had to settle for this last glimpse of her.


Nice meeting you. Hope you will return soon to our airport.
So, the log for today looks like this:

  • ST-UAA DC-8-62 United Arabian Airlines
  • N493MC B747-4 Atlas Air
  • PR-BRW B767 BRA
  • SE-RDV MD-83 Fly Nordic
  • OY-VKH A330 My Travel
  • LN-WFP Dash8 Wideroe
  • G-BIKM B757 DHL
  • OY-KHN MD-81 Scandinavian
  • SE-RAC EMB-145 City Airlines
  • SE-LGY ATP West Air Europe

Indeed a good day at GOT!

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