Crowded at the airport

//Crowded at the airport

Crowded at the airport

Went shopping today with my daughter and I brought my camera bag, just in case… They said it would clear up during the day…
I’ve heard that one before but took a chance.
On my way home I passed by the airport hoping to catch the Stansted arrival.

As usual It was already parked on the apron when I came, it usually is early.

Drove off and positioned myself for the takeoff instead under the approachlights for runway 19, hoping for a runway 01 departure.

Then I notice there is another Ryanair parked on the apron. Obviously yesterdays flight, parked over night due to the snow.
So, 2 Ryanairs at the same time. Not an everyday occasion!
Suddenly I hear on the scanner that Ryanair is cleared to land, runway 01.
One more ?? What’s is his ?

At the same time the STN flight calls up and requests taxy. Busy time!!

3 Ryanairs at the same time, unbelievable.

Since the airport is so small, the departing Ryanair had to wait on taxyway Bravo until the landing Ryanair had passed on the runway and was backtracking for the apron. Gave me this opportunity as one was taxiing for departure and one was backtracking for the apron.


Positioned myself a bit off center to catch the departing 737, as the light was getting low.
He powered up and rotated nicely for me.

EI-DCD B737 Ryanair with additional “Price Of Scotland” markings

Took one a little rear as well to show the “Pride Of Scotland” marking this one had.

EI-DCD cleans up as she climbs out of GSE

Next surprise didn’t take long. Swedish Air Force TP84 was on the approach. Lovely!
Now the airport had problems. Where to park everyone ?
It’s a small airport and the parking stands are few for these airliners and big props.

They managed somehow and the hercules was soon ready for takeoff again.

Swedish Air Force TP84 #848

She was far from fully loaded when she took off so she rotated early and climbed out.

Swedish Air Force TP84 #848

Time for me to head home. It had really been a good stop by the airport. I got more than I had expected. Excellent!

I also had the opportunity to meet one of the local spotters, Guy, whom I never had met before. Cool!
Always nice to get a face to the emails!

So, todays log:

  • Ryanair B737 EI-DHZ (parked from last night)
  • Ryanair B737 EI-DCD “Pride Of Scotland”
  • Ryanair B737 EI-DHB
  • Swedish AF TP84 848
  • Swedish Police SE-HPS
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